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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I think that the school is doing the right thing by asking us to go straight to the classroom instead of the hall,CCA's and high acheivers being postponed. This will minimise the contact with other students. It has not really affect me but on Tuesdays, I will feel bored after my high acheivers lesson as my younger brother who also has high acheivers on tuesday does not need to stay back.It has not affect my learning and my relationship with teachers. After school, I would do my homework ,especially on tuesdays but if my friends are with me, I would either run around or play soccer.

@ Stamford Bridge @.. ::6:45 AM

Sunday, April 19, 2009
Yes. I think that earth day is very important. If there is no earth, there will be no humans and i would never have a chance to write this. So we have to be grateful and help earth so that other generations will not be affected by the global warming. I will definitely support recycling,reusing and reducing.

@ Stamford Bridge @.. ::7:25 PM

Sunday, March 29, 2009
My favourite food is Chiken Rice. I do not think it is a healthy food. I think it is important to eat healthily.If I do not eat healthily, i will be a fat man with illness! I will be healthier if i eat fruits and vegtables but i hate them. I do not really know but I think that we will have heart failure or diabetis. Even though i do not like it, but i think that that is a good desicion. I can try to add vegies with chiken rice.

@ Stamford Bridge @.. ::7:10 PM

Sunday, February 22, 2009
I think that the school ask us to read as to improve on our english. I do not like reading but I like to read sometimes when i really have nothing to do which is impossible. I like to read mystery, action and mostly MR Midnight. I think they will help me in my composition and spelling. I like mr Midnight and the auther is James Lee.

@ Stamford Bridge @.. ::6:05 PM

I have very liitle activites outside school.I have tution.I spent a few about two hours for each tution. I spent about three days from monday to sunday. I am involve in these activites because I have yo improve in my work. I thimk they are important and I do not thimk that they affect my work. No i do not fell stressed. I do not really know what reslly is stress but i will feel stress when PSLE is around the corner.

@ Stamford Bridge @.. ::5:56 PM

Thursday, February 5, 2009
There are many aspects of Singapore that I want to defend . I want to defend racial harmony, my friends, my family, the clean and green enviroment. These are the things that I treasure the most.

My family keeps me going. I recieve lots of love and support from them. Without them, I will have no one to share my happiness and sadness. Similarly, I feel the same way with my friends. I have friends from different races. I cannot imagine what will happen if there is no racial harmony. I will not have all these friends and we will be living in distrust and tension. As such, I will protect my family at all cost and respect each and every race.

Singapore is known as a garden city. Living in beautiful greeneries with fresh air is very comfortable and refreshing. It is very healthy. I want to maintain that. I will ensure that I will not do anything that pollutes the enviroment and try to influence my friends.

@ Stamford Bridge @.. ::4:52 AM

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