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Sunday, February 22, 2009

I think that the school ask us to read as to improve on our english. I do not like reading but I like to read sometimes when i really have nothing to do which is impossible. I like to read mystery, action and mostly MR Midnight. I think they will help me in my composition and spelling. I like mr Midnight and the auther is James Lee.

@ Stamford Bridge @.. ::6:05 PM

I have very liitle activites outside school.I have tution.I spent a few about two hours for each tution. I spent about three days from monday to sunday. I am involve in these activites because I have yo improve in my work. I thimk they are important and I do not thimk that they affect my work. No i do not fell stressed. I do not really know what reslly is stress but i will feel stress when PSLE is around the corner.

@ Stamford Bridge @.. ::5:56 PM

Thursday, February 5, 2009
There are many aspects of Singapore that I want to defend . I want to defend racial harmony, my friends, my family, the clean and green enviroment. These are the things that I treasure the most.

My family keeps me going. I recieve lots of love and support from them. Without them, I will have no one to share my happiness and sadness. Similarly, I feel the same way with my friends. I have friends from different races. I cannot imagine what will happen if there is no racial harmony. I will not have all these friends and we will be living in distrust and tension. As such, I will protect my family at all cost and respect each and every race.

Singapore is known as a garden city. Living in beautiful greeneries with fresh air is very comfortable and refreshing. It is very healthy. I want to maintain that. I will ensure that I will not do anything that pollutes the enviroment and try to influence my friends.

@ Stamford Bridge @.. ::4:52 AM

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